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Commercial and Residential Landlord-Tenant Lawyers

A large portion of our real estate work involves the resolution of disputes between commercial and residential landlords and their tenants. Under the leadership of attorney David Katz, the Katz Law Group represents both commercial landlords and residential landlords as well as tenants in a range of legal disputes involving residential property as well as all types of commercial property, including apartments, offices, shopping centers, hotels and restaurants located throughout Massachusetts and the Greater Boston region.

Meeting the Needs of Landlords and Tenants

Our firm works to resolve a range of commercial landlord-tenant and real estate rental disputes, including:

  • Lease disputes
  • Breach of contract
  • Failure to live up to lease covenants
  • Failure to pay rent or nonpayment of rent
  • Nuisance actions
  • Owner occupancy evictions
  • Failure to maintain the property

Seeking Lasting Resolutions

We will analyze the commercial lease and any other applicable legal documents to determine each party's rights and obligations. Our goal is to help resolve the dispute in the most effective and cost-efficient manner possible. If negotiations become unproductive, however, you can always rely on us to protect your interests in either arbitration, mediation or litigation.

Whether you are the owner or tenant, you have rights that are important and deserve to be protected. Our law firm has the experience and skill needed to provide that protection. Please feel free to call us at 508-480-8202.

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