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Posted by David Katz | Jul 10, 2015 | 0 Comments

1. Go the extra mile-Step up to the plate and add innovative ideas. Make sure you get your employees to reveal some of their hidden skills and talents that may turn out to be beneficial to the workplace.

2. Employees are visible- Make yourself known and avoid the easy route if possible.

3. Engage with your employees-Break down the barriers that naturally exist between management and employees by finding out about each employee and to demonstrate an interest in each of them. There is a stockpile of data that suggests that such intervention done on a regular basis carries rewards for the corporation.

4. Recognize Divergent Personalities-Note how your employees interact at company meetings, the questions they ask, and so forth. The level of talent and star power can often be seen.

5. Make sure you follow-up-If employees have suggestions, make sure they are heard and take whatever steps necessary to get an answer. Again, employee suggestions can be a window into an employee with great potential.

6. Accept new ideas-Consistent with making sure you follow up on ideas, encourage your employees to suggest new and different ways to run the business or to be more efficient. You will be surprised by what you might learn.

7. Make your employees feel appreciated- A seemingly simple notion but one that is constantly overlooked by management. Say positive and constructive things when the situation warrants it.

8. Don't ignore signals-Keep an eye on those employees who may at first appear not to be a valuable asset.

9. Get a sense of your employee's skill set-Again, many corporations fail to extract the talent from their employees because they either discourage their talents or make it clear that the talent is not important.

10. Pick- up on outside talents-Are your employees involved in outside charities? Do they occupy positions of leadership in those institutions?

The challenge for you as an employer is to tap into that reservoir of talent that may be outside of the workplace but have qualities that could assist in the workplace later on. We can help you with this process. Please call the Katz Law Group at 508-480-8202.

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