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For corporations in Massachusetts and across the United States, commercial law, employment law and personal injury claims can be expensive to resolve through litigation. The high cost of going to trial, in addition to the time and stress involved with litigation, can make it difficult for your business to progress to a resolution in a timely and successful fashion. Alternative dispute resolution — such as arbitration and mediation — can be a helpful tool for your business.

We Are A Massachusetts Law Firm Providing Cost-Effective Alternatives to Litigation

We arbitrate commercial and business litigation claims and litigate the enforcement of clauses and awards obtained through arbitration. Our founder David Katz also serves as arbitrator or mediator in employment law/commercial business disputes. These forms of alternative dispute resolution are cost-effective ways of resolving claims, and our legal team is skilled at guiding our clients through the process in a responsible manner.

We have appeared before every major arbitration forum in the United States, including the American Arbitration Association and JAMS Endispute.

We recently obtained a favorable settlement using JAMS Endispute in a case involving a personal injury accident on the property of a food retailer. The mediation only took two days to reach a resolution that was favorable to our client. Learn more about our recent successes using mediation and arbitration in business disputes.

Understand the Difference Between Arbitration and Mediation

Knowing how the alternative dispute resolutions of arbitration and mediation can resolve your dispute is important and can help you make responsible decisions about your interests.


In arbitration, both parties agree, in advance, to have their matter heard by an arbitrator who acts like a private judge. The result of arbitration can be binding or nonbinding, and the cost is split between the parties. This option is often more private and has the ability to be faster and less expensive than traditional litigation.


In mediation, both parties agree to have a third party mediate a settlement prior to resorting to a lawsuit. There is no judge, but the mediator will listen to both sides and advise the parties based on the strength of their respective positions. If the mediation is successful, parties will create a contractual settlement agreement. Like arbitration, this method can be cheaper and quicker than litigation.

By having an experienced attorney represent you in arbitration or mediation, you can ensure that your questions will be answered and that your rights are protected at all times during the process.

Learn More About How to Avoid Litigation

While litigation can be the best method of obtaining results to meet your business goals, the alternative dispute resolution processes of arbitration and mediation can be helpful when avoiding litigation is appropriate. Contact us to learn more.

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