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Construction Attorneys

The Katz Law Group has an active practice in the area of construction law in Massachusetts, particularly in Marlborough, Framingham, and Worcester. Through this experience and extensive knowledge of the industry, we provide clients with strategic, effective representation. We have represented a wide range of clients who work in this industry at all stages of the construction process, from initial bidding to construction litigation. We provide counsel on an ongoing basis and are equipped to handle any claim that may arise.

Practice Areas of Construction Law

The Katz Law Group represents clients in a number of practice areas, including:

  • Prosecution and defense of performance and surety bond claims, construction delay claims, construction disruption claims
  • Prosecution and defense of design and construction defect claims, or construction defect and delay claims
  • Prosecution and defense of breach of contract claim or lawsuit, including a breach of contract by a builder
  • Enforcement of material supplier and commercial code lawsuits
  • Litigation of construction contract disputes, subcontract disputes, contractor defaults, bid protests and bid disputes
  • Guidance and review of local laws and ordinance compliance
  • Recovery against owners and developers for unpaid claims by subcontractors and suppliers
  • Commercial collections involving unpaid construction services
  • Prosecution of mechanics liens and notices of contracts unique to Massachusetts law
  • Identification and representation of real estate complications
  • Creative and strategic enforcement of all claims in mediation, arbitration, and litigation

Construction Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Disputes in one form or another are bound to happen and invariably they will. Involving an experienced construction lawyer at the earliest stage of the dispute may help prevent it from becoming an impediment to the success of the project because -- as we all know -- disputes can cause significant delays and become extremely expensive. It is essential to resolve disputes as quickly as possible in the construction industry. Mediation and arbitration are two alternative dispute resolution forums for litigation. If handled properly, both of these forums are capable of providing quicker, cheaper results than litigation.

Experienced Massachusetts Construction Attorneys at the Katz Law Group

If you are an owner, contractor, subcontractor or supplier, you know that your business success can rise or fall on the enforcement of your rights on any project. We can enforce your rights, protect your company's brand and reputation for quality work, and help guide you through the maze of construction disputes. Reach out to the Katz Law Group by contacting them online or by calling them at (508) 480-8202.

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