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    We incorporate our business savvy into the preparation of each case. We use every strategy necessary and every technological tool available to secure the best possible outcome for you. Whether we’re advising to help avoid litigation or zealously litigating your interests in court or in arbitration, the Katz Law Group will be your best advocate.

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The Katz Law Group is a transactional law firm that recognizes how important it is to fully understand the expectations and goals of our clients in each and every matter. Our decades of experience in business litigation have given us the insight necessary to protect your business' brand during legally precarious or difficult situations and to insulate it from potential liability, all while furthering your interests. We do this with targeted, straightforward advice that is practical, unequivocal, and reasonable.

If a matter involves drafting contracts or a commercial lease, protecting your company during an employment dispute, or defending against a premises liability claim, the Katz Law Group will protect you and provide you with continued support so that you can get back to what you are most passionate about: Running your business.

If a matter involves fighting for your company's reputation against social media disparagement, evicting a commercial tenant who has failed to pay rent, or filing consumer protection action against a competitor, the Katz Law Group is here to help strategize and fight these battles with you every step of the way.

We incorporate our business savvy and decades of litigation experience into the preparation of each and every case. Innovative and creative on behalf of our clients, we use every strategy necessary and every technological tool available to secure the best possible outcome for our clients. Whether advising on a particular risk issue to help avoid litigation or to further your business interests, the Katz Law Group will be your best advocate.

Let our nearly 40 years of experience work for you.


Rolling up our sleeves to be part of a client's business is what we do. We aim to grasp the unique business interests, culture, and goals of a client in order to protect that client's brand and legal interests. Sometimes our involvement includes visiting a construction site, attending a management meeting, or even observing behind a counter of a fast-food retailer. We make every effort to make your business our business.


The Katz Law Group is committed to providing legal services of high quality at reasonable rates. Since the Katz Law Group has considerable trial experience, we are able to formulate realistic legal strategies to fit each situation. From the start, we prepare a comprehensive action plan that can guide your situation to an outcome that serves your interests. We formulate our strategy with the close assistance of risk managers, in-house counsel, credit managers, and other relevant employees.


The last thing any client needs to worry about is whether the legal spending in any given matter is going to exceed the agreed-upon budget. The Katz Law Group offers competitive hourly fees, and we use seasoned paralegals as vital members of our legal team to help keep those costs down. We do not, as a rule, charge for basic internal expenses such as secretarial time, internal filing, and regular postage. Our fee arrangements are always memorialized by a standard, written legal services agreement. This agreement details the scope of our relationship before any work is commenced, and every client receives a copy so they know what the expenses will be. Furthermore, our legal services agreement is always fully compliant and up-to-date with the current rules established by our courts and the Board of Bar Overseers. We also use customized budget plans with our clients to ensure efficiency in our work product so that our clients know what to expect.


We keep you updated even when you are not asking for an update. Whether it is a simple status email or a comprehensive memo, at the Katz Law Group we strive to make our communications clear, concise and frequent. We also still understand that in this world of electronic communications, sometimes it is easier just to pick up the phone and call to discuss important issues or to touch base.


  • Extremely Grateful

    I was experiencing non stop harassment from my neighbor for three years and David put a stop to it, was in constant contact with me, he quickly reviewed seemingly hundreds of pages worth of documents, identified numerous code violations, and set things right. I can't say enough positive things an... Read On

  • Would Recommend Him to Friends

    I contacted David to review an employment contract that needed to be returned in a very short time frame. After reviewing the contract, he helped me analyze the situation and provided a different point of view that allowed me to make the best decision for my situation. I will use his services aga... Read On

  • Quick Turnaround

    Reached out to David for a review of a non-compete. He was able to review it with a quick turnaround and provide me with information and guidance related to how it affects my job search and options going forward. Read On

Recent Case Results

  • In September, we were successful in dismissing a lawsuit brought by an injured party against our client a national pet retailer. The suit involved an alleged dog bite to the plaintiff that the plaintiff contended was the responsibility of the retailer. The discovery in the case showed no evidence... Read On

  • Katz Law Group represent the Plaintiff in this case, Data Pioneer, Inc. (“Data Pioneer”). Data Pioneer provides professional consulting services. This case stems from a subcontractor agreement between Boston Technology Corporation (“Boston Technology), the Defendant and Plaintiff in counterclaim, with Data Pioneer to furnish employees to perform various professional services as subcontractors.Data Pioneer filed suit against Boston Technology on or about April 27, 2012 for failure to make payments due to Data Pioneer in the amount of $18,400.00, fees for services provided by Data Pioneer on behalf of Boston Technology. Subsequently, Boston Technology filed and Answer and Counterclaim against Data Pioneer alleging that Data Pioneer breached the subcontractor agreement when an employee resigned from Data Pioneer to work as an employee for Alere in Ramsey, N.J.. Alere is a non-party entity and a client of CareerDevelopers also based out of N.J. CareerDevelopers was a client of Boston Technology. Read On

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We focus on preventative counseling, objective advice and guiding our clients toward strategies for mitigating risk while efficiently and effectively conducting business. Call today for a consultation.

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We focus on preventative counseling, objective advice and guiding our clients toward strategies for mitigating risk while efficiently and effectively conducting business. Call today for a consultation.