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  • Clothing Retailer Child Incident

    This firm represented a national clothing retailer on an accident to a minor child wherein the child tripped while running around the client’s retail premises.

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  • Food Retailer

    Katz Law Group obtained a favorable settlement using JAMS Endispute mediation services in a case involving an accident at a food retailer’s premises.

  • Equipment Lease Contract

    The Katz Law Group achieves large contract judgment for a national finance company after trial.

National Finance Company

On behalf of a national finance company, the Katz Law Group was awarded a $397,000.00 judgment against a corporation and guarantor who failed to make payments under a commercial construction equipment agreement. After trial in the Worcester Superior Court, the Court also dismissed the defendants' counterclaims and awarded our client reasonable attorney's fees.

Interlocutory Appeal from Arbitrator

Katz Law Group successfully took an interlocutory appeal from an arbitrator to the Norfolk Superior Court and had the Court reverse the findings of the arbitrator finding that there was not claim to arbitrate three of the petitioner's four cases. The Court also awarded attorney's fees to our client as part of this appeal process.

Slip and Fall

In a premises liability action, this firm defended a national retailer on a slip and fall claim. Prior to bringing a motion for summary judgment, the plaintiff reduced its settlement demand from $50,000 to $3,000 and the case was settled in that amount.

Our Approach

The Katz Law Group is a litigation boutique that recognizes how important it is to understand fully the expectations and goals of our clients in each and every case. Our decades of experience allow us to provide our clients with targeted, straightforward advice that is practical, unequivocal and reasonable. We have seen it all – well, almost.

If a matter involves the protection of your company against social media disparagement, eviction of a commercial tenant, defense of a premises liability matter or being on the receiving end of a consumer protection action, the Katz Law Group is here to help navigate these battles with you every step of the way.

We incorporate our business savvy into the preparation of each case. Innovative and creative on behalf of our clients, we use every strategy necessary and every technological tool available to secure the best possible outcome for our clients. Whether advising on a particular risk issue to help avoid litigation or zealously litigating your interests in court or in arbitration, the Katz Law Group will be your best advocate.

Let our 36 years of business and litigation experience work for you.

Getting To Know Your Business From The Inside

Rolling up our sleeves to be part of a client's business is what we do. We aim to grasp the unique business interests, culture and goals of a client in order to protect that client's brand and legal interests. Sometimes our involvement includes visiting a construction site, attending a management meeting or even observing behind a counter of a fast-food retailer. We make every effort to make your business our business.

As A Litigation Boutique, We Have Experience Representing Plaintiffs and Defendants

Experience is the best teacher – and we have had 36 years of litigating cases for both plaintiffs and defendants. We know what the opposition is thinking.

Targeted Expertise + Efficiency = Overall Value

The Katz Law Group is committed to providing legal services of high quality at reasonable rates. Since the Katz Law Group has considerable trial experience, we are able to formulate realistic litigation/trial strategies to fit each lawsuit. At the inception of each case, we prepare a comprehensive action plan in order to guide the matter effectively through the litigation and trial process. Our evaluation/strategy is always established with the close assistance of risk managers, in-house counsel, credit managers, and in-house personnel.

Alternative Fee Arrangements = Greater Value

The Katz Law Group offers competitive hourly fees and alternative fee arrangements such as fixed fees, success fees, and contingent fees. In order to keep costs within reason, we use seasoned paralegals as vital members of our litigation team. We do not, as a rule, charge for basic internal expenses such as secretarial time, internal filing, and regular postage, as examples. Our fee arrangements are always memorialized by a standard written legal services agreement detailing the scope of our relationship with the client before any work is commenced. Furthermore, our legal services agreement is always fully compliant and up-to-date with the current rules established by our courts and the Board of Bar Overseers. We also use customized budget and litigation plans with our clients to ensure efficiency in our work product so that our clients know what to expect. The last thing any client needs to worry about is whether the legal spending in any given matter is going to exceed the agreed-upon budget.

We Stay In Touch

We keep you updated even when you are not asking for an update. Whether it is a simple status email or a comprehensive memo, at the Katz Law Group we strive to make our communications clear, concise and frequent. We also still understand that in this world of electronic communications, sometimes it is easier just to pick up the phone and call to discuss important issues or to touch base.

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We focus on preventative counseling, objective advice and guiding our clients toward strategies for mitigating risk while efficiently and effectively conducting business. Call today for a consultation.

Call Today

We focus on preventative counseling, objective advice and guiding our clients toward strategies for mitigating risk while efficiently and effectively conducting business. Call today for a consultation.