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The Katz Law Group practices strictly in litigation, defending the interests of local, regional and national corporations as well as small businesses and proprietorships. We do not represent plaintiffs or employees in litigation, which allows us to focus on our core strengths and provide our corporate clients with the highest level of corporate client service. We serve corporations and businesses in Central Massachusetts, including in:

For the businesses we represent, we know that achieving successful results in a cost-effective manner is the bottom line. Our clients demand sophisticated counsel at reasonable rates. Our attorneys deliver on these expectations in all varieties of litigation and other business needs.

Business Litigation

Our lawyers pride themselves on their trial experience within all areas of business and contract litigation, including:

We also help avoid lawsuits, when advisable, in order to save time and money for our clients.

Small Businesses

Small businesses face lots of unique legal situations and hurdles. Our small business attorneys help fledgling businesses get off the ground and thrive by guiding them through the legal complexities of their industry.

Commercial Collections

We assist business clients in commercial collections, seeking to pursue overdue accounts and secure the highest repayment possible. We have the experience, resources, and tools necessary to meet your business' most complex debt collection needs.

Employment Law and Employee Relations

We provide counsel and representation to Massachusetts companies and management in employment law and employee relations matters. These matters include issues of wrongful termination, sexual harassment, discrimination, wage and hour problems, and other employment law topics. Our firm works with employers throughout the country on the state and federal levels.

Learn more about our recent successes and representative clients and see how we Think Outside the Brief.

Creditors' Rights and Bankruptcy

Our firm uses our litigation experience to assist corporations with creditors' rights and bankruptcy disputes with vendors, distribution issues, consumer protection matters, franchise litigation and matters of fraud. We protect client interests in state and federal courts, including bankruptcy proceedings and Chapter 11 reorganizations.

Real Estate

Our attorneys represent landlords, commercial tenants, and contractors on various real estate disputes, including:

Arbitration and Mediation

We also assist clients in the arbitration and mediation of business disputes, including commercial, employment, and personal injury claims. Our firm has the experience your case needs and has appeared before every major arbitration forum, including the American Arbitration Association and JAMS Endispute.

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