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Frequently Asked Questions

Over the course of more than 35 years representing businesses in Massachusetts, the attorneys at the Katz Law Group have been asked thousands of questions about business and contract litigation.

Here are answers to just some of the most frequently asked questions that we have received over the years.


Crafting an effective an enforceable contract is not always easy. Even experienced businesspeople make mistakes. Our attorneys have helped people who have asked:

Real Estate Litigation

There is no end to the different ways in which landlords and tenants can disagree with one another. Some common questions that our real estate litigation attorneys have been asked include:

Employment Litigation

There have been lots of changes in employment law over the past few decades in Massachusetts. This might be why our employment litigation attorneys have been asked:

Small Business Law

Small business owners have wear many different hats and have to know and handle all of the different aspects of their business venture to make it work. Our small business attorneys are often asked about:

Business Credit Law

Business credit law is a tricky and confusing area of the law that many businesses – especially small businesses and those that are just starting up – have to deal with. Our attorneys often deal with questions about borrowing or lending money, like:

Construction Litigation

Contractors, builders, homeowners, and businesses often ask our construction litigation lawyers about things like:

Unfair Trade Practices

Unfair trade practices is a hot area of the law in Massachusetts. Whether you are a customer who has been defrauded or a business facing accusations of wrongdoing, our attorneys can help answer your questions, like:

Arbitration and Mediation

Many business issues end up getting resolved through arbitration or mediation. Most businesses want them to, in order to avoid the costs and the publicity of going to court. Unfortunately, this can raise more questions about the process, like:

Franchise Law

Opening a franchise is a popular way to get into the business world. However, it also comes with its own risks and rewards. Our franchise litigation attorneys have helped clients with the following questions:

Internet Defamation

Unhappy customers have every right to complain about a business. But when they make statements that are verifiably false, it can damage a company's reputation and can amount to internet defamation. Business owners have often asked us things like:

Neighbor Disputes

Some neighbors are difficult to live with. In the worst of cases, neighbor disputes can get so bad and contentious that legal action may be required. Frustrated homeowners have asked our lawyers things like:

Business Litigation

Our attorneys also get asked some questions about business litigation, in general, like:

Massachusetts Business and Contract Litigation Lawyers at the Katz Law Group

These are just some of the issues that our attorneys have resolved for clients in Marlborough, Framingham, Worcester, and the rest of Massachusetts. Contact us online or call our law office at (508) 480-8202.

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