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Massachusetts Small Business Lawyer

People in Massachusetts who run a small business will experience both the joy and empowerment of working for themselves in their own way, as well as the stress and uncertainty of being directly responsible for their own financial future.

The legal issues that small businesses routinely face are the source of much of that stress.

By doing things correctly from the start, small business owners can rest assured that they are complying with both state and federal law and that their legal risks have been mitigated as much as possible.

Drafting and Enforcing Contracts for Small Businesses

Contracts and legal agreements are a common way for small business owners to make promises that they cannot keep. A Massachusetts small business attorney can help budding business owners by:

Once the contract is made, a business and contract lawyer can help small business owners by enforcing the terms of their agreement against contract breaches, defending the business if it is being accused of breaching the contract, or modifying the agreement so it continues to suit everyone's needs.

Employment Issues

Many small businesses need to hire employees. As soon as this happens, the business opens itself up to potential liability – both through the conduct of the worker while on the job and through the legal complexities of state and federal employment laws.

Hiring an employment lawyer, first, can ensure that things are done right.

Every Small Business is Unique

For better or for worse, every small business is unique. Those with brick-and-mortar stores could have commercial leasing and real estate disputes. Others can have trademark, copyright, and other intellectual property concerns. A few will have international business clients. Many will need a source of business credit to get started.

Inexperienced business owners may not even be aware of their legal responsibilities.

Small Business Lawyers at the Katz Law Group Serve Massachusetts

One of the best things that a new small business owner can do to protect their new company is to hire professional legal help for its early stages. The small business attorneys at the Katz Law Group can help. Contact them online or call their law office at (508) 480-8202 for legal help in Worcester, Framingham, Marlborough, or the rest of Massachusetts.

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