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How to Protect Your Online Reputation

Having a bad reputation in business is seldom a favorable thing. This can often result in dramatic losses of revenue and a loss of brand value. In today's online world, managing your business reputation is more difficult than ever. The information available online can severely damage your brand and reputation and is publicly available to everyone.

More than 80% of consumers will research products and services online before committing to make a purchase or utilize the services offered. Therefore, it is imperative that businesses monitor and take affirmative action regarding their reputation as portrayed through various online sources. Damage to reputation can come from a variety of different channels including customer complaints, competitors seeking to gain an advantage and usually disgruntled ex-employees. There are several ways to negate the damage but the level of response provided in each situation must take into consideration how harmful the online content is and whether the sources of the negative content will stop after a single post or continue to attack the business' reputation.

Handling complaints and poor reviews from unhappy customers to your reputation are often the most simple to remedy. The efficient handling of these matters requires constant monitoring and early contact with a content poster. Often these content posters can be convinced to remove the negative reviews if they feel their complaint is appropriately handled. Offering a refund, replacement and apology can go a long way toward removing the negative review or, alternatively, updating the review with positive comments about your business.

On the other hand, fraudulent and defamatory content is often the most damaging and can be the most difficult to mitigate. Sometimes, contacting the website itself is the first and best approach. Most websites have stated policies that otherwise prohibit defamatory content and will remove it if you can show that the content published violates that specific website's terms of service requirements. When contacting the website directly you should make sure that you find the appropriate person to speak with regarding your takedown request. If the website appears to decline your request then other measures will have to be taken.

Unfortunately, it will sometimes be necessary to take legal action which may come in the form of a cease and desist letter to be followed by a lawsuit. The Katz Law Group has significant experience in prosecuting claims for its clients against third parties for commercial disparagement, unfair business practices, and libel, as examples. Of course, with any intended lawsuit a company must undertake the balancing test of whether any legal action will result in a public-relations disaster. Our deep expertise and proactive response program generate more positive results in a shorter time in most cases.

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