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Neighbor Disputes

Bad neighbors can be an annoyance. Some of them go further than that, though. When they start playing with the boundary lines, trespassing on your property, or defaming you, taking them to court may be the only way to get them to stop.

The neighbor disputes attorneys at the Katz Law Group in Massachusetts can help.

Common Types of Neighbor Disputes

Bad neighbors come in lots of different shapes and sizes. Many of their transgressions are relatively trivial, like blowing snow or leaves over the property line, or letting their pets out in your yard.

There are some neighbor disputes, though, that are far more serious. These issues can include:

They can even infringe on your property rights and, if you do not do anything about it, end with your neighbor actually taking land away from you.

What Can Be Done About Them

What is an appropriate response will depend on the severity of the dispute and your relationship with your neighbor. Neighbors who are friendly or even just cordial with one another can usually resolve the issue between themselves. If you are not on speaking terms, talking to a lawyer is often the only way to get things done.

For trivial disputes that have become too normal for your taste, a cease and desist letter on a law firm's letterhead can be enough to make them stop.

When your neighbor's conduct actually begins to encroach on your property, though, filing a lawsuit may be the only way to protect your rights. This can be necessary when your neighbor:

  • Builds a fence on or over the property line
  • Expands their driveway into your yard
  • Moves the boundary pins
  • Begins making improvements on your property
  • Makes a habit of mowing the lawn over the edge and into your yard

Massachusetts Neighbor Disputes Lawyers at the Katz Law Group

We are all supposed to love thy neighbor. When that neighbor has made it impossible, though, the attorneys at the Katz Law Group can at least make them behave tolerably. Call them at (508) 480-8202 or contact them online for help in Marlborough, Framingham, Worcester, or the rest of Massachusetts.

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