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Crisis Management Attorney

Both large and small businesses can face a crisis. Whatever the catastrophe is, having an experienced lawyer by your side can be one of the best ways to manage the crisis and mitigate the damage.

The business attorneys at the Katz Law Group have guided numerous companies and corporations through some extremely damaging situations, helping them soften the blow to their businesses' brand and setting them up for future success.

Business Crises That Demand a Skilled Crisis Management Attorney

Businesses get into disputes every week. A crisis is something else entirely. When a problem arises that imperils the entire business or threatens to destroy its reputation, you may have to take immediate action.

  • A few examples of these sorts of precarious situations include:
  • You have learned that your company is under state or federal investigation
  • An employee has become a whistleblower against your company
  • A natural disaster has harmed your business operations
  • Your company's computers have been hacked or there has been a data breach
  • Corporate theft has been detected
  • Someone has made public allegations of misconduct against a prominent company executive, such as for insider trading or sexual harassment
  • News has broken, or is about to break, that portrays the company in an extremely negative light or that could trigger an investigation by regulators or law enforcement

Getting ahead of these situations is essential. Unfortunately, for company stakeholders and decision makers, getting ahead of a crisis is difficult to do without the foresight that only comes with managing numerous similar issues in the past.

Why Hiring a Crisis Management Team Can Save the Business

There are three things about a business crisis that make it so difficult for company executives and insiders to handle:

  1. They only happen rarely,
  2. They can create conflicts of interest, and
  3. They can feel personal.

Because they do not happen often, crises can be tough to survive; company executives simply do not have the experience to know what is likely to happen in the coming days. This can cripple the decision making process.

Worse, if those decision makers are the subject of the crisis, what they want and what is good for the company can become widely divergent. It is not uncommon for these individuals to take the company down in their attempt to save themselves.

Finally, company insiders can react emotionally and make decisions that are not objectively sound when trying to get out of the crisis. Cool and calm heads are much better suited for crisis management.

All of these reasons stress the need for hiring an effective crisis management team, and the need to do so immediately.

The Crisis Management Lawyers at the Katz Law Group

The business lawyers at the Katz Law Group have over four decades guiding businesses in Massachusetts through some of their most difficult and dangerous moments. Contact them online or call their law office at (508) 480-8202 for immediate help.

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