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Executive Compensation Agreements

An executive compensation agreement is a binding contract between a company and one of its most important and powerful employees. If drafted poorly by the employer, the executive could be left with so much power that they can dominate the business, or with so little that they are unable to act and use their skills to the company's benefit. Executives, on the other hand, can agree to terms and conditions that end up making their working lives miserable.

The employment contract litigation lawyers at the Katz Law Group can help, regardless of which side of the negotiation you are on.

Working for a Company's Complicated Interests

The company looking to sign an executive has numerous interests that they want to pursue. Some of them can conflict, though, and finding a resolution that is in the best interests of the company can be very tricky.

For example, many companies want to:

  • Hire an executive with lots of experience and talent
  • Save money
  • Align the financial success of the company with the financial interests of the executive
  • Avoid situations where the executive's interests are contrary to the long-term survival of the company
  • Promote growth while discouraging reckless risk taking
  • Shield the executive from legal action that reasonably stems from the day-to-day activities of the company, while still holding them accountable for misconduct or criminal activities

The line between some of these interests is very fine, indeed. Reaching an executive agreement that incentivizes company growth while protecting it from liability requires skilled negotiation, lots of experience from prior cases, a thorough understanding of the industry and the risks inherent to it, and intense preparation.

The lawyers at the Katz Law Group bring all of that and more to the table.

Advocating for an Executive's Future

For executives who are exploring a job possibility or who are in the negotiation process, the compensation agreement is the final hurdle separating them from an extremely lucrative position managing a company. The difference between success and failure at this juncture will not just alter the compensation you earn over the next few years: It can determine your entire future.

There are some parts of the executive compensation agreement that tend to draw the eye, like:

  • Base salary or compensation
  • Stock options
  • Benefits
  • Bonuses, including annual, performance, and retention bonuses
  • Performance standards

However, other terms and conditions of executive employment can be just as important, such as:

Many of these benefits and forms of compensation have complex tax implications that can drastically undercut the value of the payment. Meanwhile, the performance standards and the company's other expectations can mean the difference between a lucrative offer and one that the executive ends up regretting.

Executives should always consult an experienced attorney before signing an executive compensation agreement.

Disputes Arising from Executive Compensation Agreements

Even perfectly-crafted executive agreements can lead to a serious dispute in the future if the company's well-being is threatened or if its goals begin to change.

When employment contract disputes like these arise, most of them end up being resolved through mediation or arbitration, rather than through the costly and time-consuming process of litigation. While these negotiations focus on the mutual agreement of the parties at the time of the dispute, the executive agreement is still going to play a huge role in the outcome. Both the company and the executive will look to their rights and their interests under the contract throughout the negotiation process.

Should these resolution methods fail to produce an agreement, the case will go to court and can go all the way to trial, where a judge and jury will determine who is entitled to what under the terms of the contract.

The Katz Law Group: Massachusetts Lawyers for Executive Compensation Agreements

For both the executive and the company looking to hire one, the executive compensation agreement is one of the most important stages in the entire process. If not done carefully, the executive can feel unwanted and undervalued, and could notice that they benefit more if the company fails. If the interests of the company and the executive are not aligned and in sync, it can create serious problems for both sides in the future.

The business and contract litigation lawyers at the Katz Law Group can legally represent you at this important point in the hiring process. Contact them online or call them at (508) 480-8202 for help in Worcester, Framingham, Marlborough, or the rest of Massachusetts.

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