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Peer Reviews

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Professionalism, Expertise, and Genuine Commitment

To Whom It May Concern, I am writing this letter to highly recommend Attorney David Katz based on my professional experience working with him on a legal case involving a floor covering failure. As a certified flooring consultant/inspector, I was commissioned by a consumer to assess the issue and provide expert analysis. Upon completing my assessment and findings, I was referred to Attorney David Katz, who was representing my client in this matter. Initially, I must admit I have reservations about working with attorneys in general. However, after speaking with Mr. Katz and reviewing the case with him, I was genuinely impressed by his dedication and genuine concern for the project. Throughout our collaboration, Attorney Katz demonstrated a high level of professionalism, expertise, and a genuine commitment to achieving the best possible outcome for our client. We had several productive phone conversations discussing the details of the case, and when it became necessary, we met in person with all parties involved at the site in question on multiple occasions, which is rare in legal matters. What stood out to me the most was Attorney Katz's meticulous approach and diligence in handling the case. Despite my initial skepticism towards attorneys, I found Attorney Katz to be a reliable and trustworthy partner in navigating the legal aspects of the floor covering failure issue at hand. I have since referred a few of my clients to Attorney Katz, which is not something I do lightly. However, based on my experience and confidence in his methodology and dedication, I have no hesitation in recommending him to others seeking legal representation in similar matters. In conclusion, I believe Attorney David Katz's professionalism, expertise, and genuine concern make him an exceptional attorney to work with. I am grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with him and would not hesitate to do so again in the future. Sincerely,
-John Paul Viveiros
Certified Flooring Consultant/Inspector
Northeast Flooring Forensics

Professional, Timely, and Diligent

I had a legal matter where Dave Katz was the attorney on the other side. Dave was professional, timely and worked diligently to resolve the case. We were able to resolve the matter to the benefit and satisfaction of both parties.
-Dean A. Heinold, Esq

5 stars

I was impressed with David's experience and advice pertaining to a complex commercial eviction matter. I would recommend him to anyone. 5 stars.
-Richard Cunha, Esq

Good working with and against you David!

David Katz represented a defendant in a case that I filed. While always zealously representing his client, David was professional, cooperative in the discovery process and aggressive but tactful in negotiations. His common sense approach to resolution did, in my opinion, a service to his client and the legal profession. Good working with and against you David!

-David Lavenburg, Esq

Very professional

David was very professional in all our interactions, he was instrumental in helping resolve a difficult dispute.

- Rick White, Esq.

Highly Professional and Efficient

I am an attorney. I represented a company in a dispute with a former employee who was represented by David. David represented his client zealously, and we were able to conclude a fair result without substantial delay or expense.

– Michael Trachtman

A Fierce Advocate

I am opposing counsel in a civil litigation case in which Attorney Katz represented the other party. The case required extensive discovery and recently resolved prior to trial. I was very impressed with his handling of the case and feel compelled to express my opinion that Attorney Katz was extremely professional, detail oriented and a fierce advocate on behalf of his client during the course of litigation.

– Brian Sullivan

Focused and Solution-Oriented

I worked with Attorney Katz on an employment matter where our respective clients had adverse interests. David was an extremely quick read of the strengths and weaknesses of the various positions of the parties in the litigation. While zealously defending his client's interests, David also was able to work with counsel in the case to arrive at a prompt and efficient solution which avoided needless and considerable legal expenses and that served the long term interests of the respective parties. It was refreshing to work with Attorney Katz who remained focused and solution oriented throughout.

– Michael Morris

Professional and Practical

David Katz was opposing counsel in an employment matter I was handling for a client. Attorney Katz was able to promptly evaluate the situation and we were able to resolve the dispute to the mutual benefit of our respective clients without the need for prolonged litigation. He was both professional and practical to work with in this matter.

– Lori Cianciulli

Always Polite, Respectful and Prompt

In my experience, Attorney Katz is a true professional. Always polite, respectful and prompt with his responses. He is knowledgeable in the area of civil litigation and zealously advocated for his client. I would recommend his services.

– Adam Schmaelzle

Timely with His Responses and Efficient

Attorney Katz was professional, timely with his responses and efficient during the litigation of a case to which I was an opposing counsel. Looking forward to handling future cases involving clients represented by Attorney Katz.

– Peter Radulski

Knowledgeable and Congenial

I have had the opportunity to work with Attorney Katz on a large real estate dispute. Despite being on opposing sides Attorney Katz always was knowledgeable, congenial and willing to discuss the disputed issues. We just recently resolved this matter before we were required to commence court appearances. I now consider Attorney Katz as a Friend and look forward to working with him again.

– Gaetano DeLuca

Smart, Professional, Experienced

I am in-house counsel for a large California company that was recently sued in Massachusetts. The plaintiff's claim involved a legal principle common in the Commonwealth but unfamiliar to me. In my research of that principle, I came across an article published by David. It was clear and concise, and evidenced an excellent understanding of the subject matter. I called David to engage him as my local counsel in the litigation. I was very fortunate to have made that decision. Within mere weeks, the action was dismissed. David is very smart, professional, experienced in local law and practice, responsive, and has very strong judgment and common sense. I recommend him without reservation.

– George Bushnell

A Lawyer's Lawyer

A lawyer's lawyer and a credit to the profession.

– Paul Foley

High Level of Expertise and Responsive Service

David is knowledgeable and experienced in the law. He provides a high level of expertise and service and is always very responsive. He will handle your case promptly and professionally. I highly recommend David for your legal matter !!

– Gary Sanganario

Ethical Representation

David Katz provides excellent, thorough, highly-knowledgeable, effective, and ethical representation. He keeps his clients informed of the status of their matters and provides timely, expert advice to guide clients' decision-making to obtain the best results possible within his clients' parameters for risk and expense. I recommend him highly.

– Jennifer Lawson

A Diligent Advocate

I worked on an arbitration matter opposite Attorney Katz; he was very professional and communicative, and a diligent advocate for his clients. I would highly recommend his services.

– Eli Leino

Top Class Counsel

I worked on a matter on the opposite side of David. He is bright, cordial, responsive, top class counsel. We got the job done together to make sure that both of our clients were happy.

– Anonymous

A Model to Emulate

As adverse counsel on a property matter, Dave advocated for his clients and achieved a good result for them through an aggressive but respectful and collaborative back and forth with my office. His approach serves as a model to emulate.

– Anonymous

Works Tirelessly for His Clients

David is a great lawyer and colleague. He is driven to work tirelessly for his clients. When we used to work together, I could count on David's excellent instincts and his quickness. Yet he is also practical and does his homework. To top it off, he has a heart of gold - and he's fun to be with.

– Timothy B.

Thorough and Pragmatic

David has assisted my clients mainly in areas relating to commercial leasing. David is a very competent and thorough attorney, and he provides very pragmatic advice. David is also very responsive and personable. I highly recommend him.

– Enzo Finelli

Dedicated Lawyer

David and I worked together on a sensitive collection matter before the American Arbitration Association. He was professional, sophisticated, and always on top of his case. David is a dedicated lawyer who works hard for his clients. Therefore, it is without reservation that I endorse this lawyer.

– Denise Arnold

Passionate Advocate For His Clients

David is a passionate advocate for his clients. He is reasonable and pragmatic in his approach to resolving legal matters with a focus on getting results.

– Andrew Kepple 

Will Work Tirelessly For Clients

David will work tirelessly for his clients. In his field, it helps to be pragmatic and no-nonsense. He is all of that. Clients will also like David because in my experience he has a heart of gold.

– Timothy Shane

 Aggressive And Conscientious Lawyer

I have known and worked with David for over 20 years. He is an aggressive and conscientious lawyer who works hard for excellent results for his clients. He is a creative and detail-oriented attorney who refuses to quit until he gets the result he is seeking, At the same time he pays close attention to the economic and emotional toll of a matter and will counsel accordingly.

– Thomas Shane

Advocates For His Clients

I have known David for over 20 years and he is a tireless advocate for his clients with a dogged work ethic and great results. 

– John Himmelstein

 Outstanding Lawyer

David is an outstanding lawyer, in my experience. In the 1990s, we worked together at the same law firm. Subsequently, we have had occasions to consult each other, such that I feel that I know his abilities extremely well. He is an extremely knowledgeable, astute, personable and capable attorney. I highly recommend him

– Neal Friedman

Well Prepared and Knowledgeable

Attorney Katz was opposing counsel on a civil matter with myself and my firm. He was very well prepared and knowledgable. We were able to resolve our case with a successful outcome for my client just prior to trial due to his efforts and reasonableness.

- Andrew Resmini

Dogged Advocate

Mr. Katz is a dogged advocate for his client while being at the same time a personable and professional opponent. He can recognize the strengths and weaknesses of both sides of a case. I would be glad to see him on the other side in future matters.

- Daniel Pogoda

Zealous Representation

I recently had the pleasure of working with David as opposing counsel on a civil litigation matter. David zealously represented his client while also maintaining a very courteous relationship with me the entire time. As a result, we were able to keep communications open and we eventually settled the matter fairly for both of our clients. I hope to have the pleasure of working with David again soon!

- Allan Costa

Fair to Clients

I recently had the pleasure of working with Attorney Katz on a personal injury case. I found him to be knowledgeable in the area of personal injury litigation. He was fair to my client and reasonable in his approach to the case. I look forward to another case with him in the near future.

- John Tramontozzi

An Able Adversary and a Man of His Word

I am an attorney in Western Massachusetts. I recently had a civil case in Worcester Superior Court in which David Katz was opposing counsel. I found attorney Katz to be forthright and honest in our dealings. He was an able adversary. And I regret to say that he won the case! In all seriousness, David is a fine attorney and a man of his word.

– Fred A. McCoy

Unreservedly Endorse Attorney Katz to Other Financial Institutions

I am General Counsel for an equipment finance subsidiary of a national bank. I retained David as local counsel in a multi-jurisdictional matter relating to a large lease portfolio purchase in which the lease-originating vendor defaulted in required service and numerous lessees stopped making payments. David provided timely, clear and focused counsel in some of the more pivotal cases we faced. David's successful strategy and tactics were emulated by several of our other local counsel. David worked well within our team, which was comprised of attorneys from different firms and regions, some being rather difficult personalities. I would certainly retain David for the next matter we have in his region and I unreservedly endorse him to other financial institutions.

– Bruce

Highly Skilled Litigation Attorney

I was the plaintiff's counsel on a personal injury matter and the defendant was represented by Attorney Katz. He is a highly skilled attorney. Throughout the litigation process, Attorney Katz was professional, prepared and persuasive. His experience in litigation was very apparent from our first communication. His discovery requests were very thorough and his motions and courtroom arguments were very convincing.

– Charles Pappas

Boston Commercial Collections Attorney Who Gets It Done

Once David is assigned an account he attacks the account with the most utmost importance. In my prior position, David won many cases assigned to him in a reasonable amount of time.

– Bill

Strong Premises Liability Defense Counsel

David Katz has handled at least 5 premises liability claims for my client, an operator of large chain restaurants, in the state of Massachusetts. We were able to reach a successful resolution on all of the matters in a cost-effective manner. He is always responsive to our requests and provided the necessary advice.

– Mark

Highly Recommended by In-House Counsel

David Katz worked on numerous cases for me during my tenure as in-house counsel with a Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary. He was everything that I want in outside counsel – cost-efficient, responsive and consistently delivering great results.

– Gary

Effective Representation

My employer uses Mr. Katz to litigate our interests in Massachusetts. Working with him on these cases has been a pleasure and the company is very pleased with the results. David's experience and knowledge would certainly be an asset to any client in need of effective representation.

– J. Warkins


David Katz is an extremely knowledgeable professional lawyer. His interpersonal skills are exceptional. He has incredible analytical and logical reasoning abilities. I believe this stems from his strong work ethic, which far surpasses any other attorney that I have worked in this industry. It is easy to tell that David is truly passionate about his work.

I honestly have never worked with any other individual in the legal profession as skilled as David. I would most definitely recommend him to anybody and

– Robin

Outstanding Litigator in Greater Boston MA

I am happy to endorse David as an outstanding litigator. I had the pleasure of working with him on a hotly contested premises liability matter. David was a knowledgeable and diligent opposing counsel who always acted like the professional he is.

– Brian Chase

An attentive professional persuasive client advocate

In the thirty years during which David Katz was a trial lawyer and I was a judge in the MA Trial Court and a professional arbitrator, I observed his conduct on numerous cases. My records indicate that his first trial before me was in 1986. His most recent case was in Sept 2013. I found him to be fully attentive to the case and its consequences, punctual in all of his filings, prepared on the evidence and the law, persuasive in his presentation and professional in his conduct with clients, jurors, and judges. His preparedness extended not only to the presentation of evidence but also to the drafting of documents, memoranda with supporting citations and copies of opinions to facilitate the judges' decision. I would unqualifiedly recommend David Katz to any potential litigant.

– Hon. Kevin Doyle (retired)

Knowledgeable, Zealous, Professional

I have worked as opposing counsel to Attorney Katz, and I have found him to be knowledgeable, zealous and professional. The care and concern he shows for his client are clearly evident in his approach to the matter at hand. Moreover, his courtesy and professionalism in his interaction with opposing counsel are appreciated.

– Christopher Lilly

Attorney Katz is a zealous advocate for his clients

I've found him to be very professional in our dealings and competent in his practice areas. I've found him to be reasonable in his interactions with opposing counsel, all while acting in his client's best interest. His clients are fortunate to have him on their side.

– David Santino

Great Experience with Attorney David Katz

David was on the other side of a pretty serious personal injury matter and I found him to not only be a very zealous advocate for his client but also very easy to deal with as brother counsel. Although our positions were not aligned he was cooperative, diligent and ultimately we were able to work out a mutually agreeable deal due to his and my efforts. I recommend using David Katz highly.

– David

Fellow Attorney Review

David assisted my office in clearing up a title issue for one of my clients. David was very responsive, efficient and provided me with regular updates on his progress. It was a pleasure working with David and I look forward to the next transaction we work on together.

– Sotiri

Savvy, Efficient and Effective Lawyer

 David is a savvy, efficient and effective lawyer who gets good results for his clients. He is an experienced litigator with a wide range of skills.

– Elaine Mcchesney

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, and Value

David is knowledgeable and experienced in the law. He provides a high level of expertise and service and is always very responsive. He will handle your case promptly and professionally. I highly recommend David for your legal matter !!

– Gary Sanginario

Professionalism, Quality, and Responsiveness

David and I were recently lawyers on the opposite sides of a dispute. While we had very different views of the matter, and he was a strong advocate for his client, I found him reasonable, responsive and professional throughout, resulting in a fair resolution for our respective clients absent the time and expense of litigation.

– David Kurtz

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