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Employer-Employee Relations

Employment litigation, by its very nature, is a distraction to achieving a company's business goals, reputation, and legal interests. Because employment litigation can quickly deteriorate in light of personality conflicts and personal grievances, the successful resolution requires a proactive investigation by your company.

The Katz Law Group has assisted companies with interviews of employees and management, worked to create strategies with business owners and human resources professionals, risk managers, and in-house counsel to develop defenses, strategies, preparation for depositions and potential case resolution. To this end, we promote open communication with our clients to help them understand, both on a practical and legal level, the strengths and weaknesses of their case and how to best protect their company's brand.

Protection of Your Legal Interests

When it comes to a company's legal interests, there is no pre-packaged plan to protect what's at stake. In addition to our exceptional legal representation, experience, and knowledge of the law, we set ourselves -- the Katz Law Group -- apart from other law firms in a number of ways.

First, a client is not just a client but a partner. We get to know the client's organization. Each client has a unique culture, mission, values, and goals. We tailor our strategy and overall approach to align it with the client's needs, company culture and the specific legal issues presented by any case.

Second, we recognize that employers face significant challenges today than they have ever experienced in the past. We are committed to making ourselves accessible to you when you need us. We are also committed to helping you understand these new challenges that businesses face today, namely the challenges of the Internet and social media.

Third, we work to protect businesses through the development and implementation of preventative measures and early identification of potential workplace issues or problems. When we can prevent legal disputes from arising and reduce liability, we help our clients save money.

Preventative Measures

One of the best ways to avoid a costly and reputation-damaging litigation campaign is to implement or update preventative measures. These measures are intended to ensure employees have (1) an understanding of their workplace environment and what is expected of them; and (2) the tools they need to succeed.

Some preventative measures that a company can take include:

  • Preparing an employee handbook
  • Preparing material for human resources
  • Seminars for employment law
  • Regular audits of HR and employee environment
  • Conflict resolution and strategies for mediation or arbitration
  • Updates and maintenance of HR policies
  • Special on-site training for managers and supervisors

Employment Litigation

When disputes cannot be avoided, we consider alternative dispute resolution approaches or litigation. Mediation or arbitration is cost-effective dispute resolution forums that can produce favorable results. Sometimes, however, the issues are too complex and the parties are too divided that these alternative forums are not appropriate, and the trial is the best option. If litigation is necessary, we are zealous and unwavering in our intent and mission.

We represent clients in state proceedings in Massachusetts. We handle a broad range of employment matters:

Massachusetts Employment Law Attorneys

A current or former employee pursuing legal action against your company can damage the reputation you have worked hard to build. We provide comprehensive, personalized legal representation. Contact us online today for a consultation or call our law office at 508-480-8202. We serve clients in Massachusetts, including in Worcester, Marlborough, and Framingham.

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