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  • National Finance Company

    On behalf of a national finance company, the Katz Law Group was awarded a $397,000.00 judgment against a corporation and guarantor who failed to make payments under a commercial construction equipment agreement. After trial in the Worcester Superior Court, the Court also dismissed the defendants'... Read On

  • Restaurant Owner

    When some of the co-owners of a tavern in one Massachusetts town wanted to open a restaurant in another town, the other co-owners sued, claiming that the competition would violate the co-owners' fiduciary duties. With the legal representation of the Katz Law Group, the first group of owners bea... Read On

  • Case Results in the News

    Below are PDFs of our case results that have been published in the news.    THIS WEEK'S DECISIONS - SUPERIOR COURT   Shrewsbury Town Meeting Members Ban Tree Removal   Lawyers Weekly Read On

  • Clothing Retailer Child Incident

    This firm represented a national clothing retailer on an accident to a minor child wherein the child tripped while running around the client's retail premises. On behalf of our client, and due to the over negligence on the part of the Plaintiff's wife in failing to supervise her son, we brought a... Read On

  • Food Retailer

    Katz Law Group obtained a favorable settlement using JAMS Endispute mediation services in a case involving an accident at a food retailer's premises. The mediation took two days with all parties present before resolution. In this particular case, there was no issue of liability, but only an issue... Read On

  • Equipment Finance Company

    In a commercial litigation matter, our office filed a motion for summary judgment for a major national equipment finance company against a debtor who had purchased equipment for Norvergence. After hearing on our motion, the Court allowed our motion for summary judgment and allowed for attorney's ... Read On

  • Interlocutory Appeal from Arbitrator

    Katz Law Group successfully took an interlocutory appeal from an arbitrator to the Norfolk Superior Court and had the Court reverse the findings of the arbitrator finding that there was not claim to arbitrate three of the petitioner's four cases. The Court also awarded attorney's fees to our clie... Read On

  • Slip and Fall

    In a premises liability action, this firm defended a national retailer on a slip and fall claim. Prior to bringing a motion for summary judgment, the plaintiff reduced its settlement demand from $50,000 to $3,000 and the case was settled in that amount. Read On

  • Clothing Retailer

    Katz Law Group was successful in defending a national clothing retailer on a slip and fall action at the client's store in Boston. Where the accident occurred in an area of the store that was questionably under the control of two defendants, we were able, through discovery to have the co-defendan... Read On

  • Bowling Retailer

    This firm was successful in defending a national bowling retailer against a plaintiff on a slip and fall action. The case settled after deposition of the plaintiff. The original demand in the action was $35,000 and the matter was later settled for $2,000. Read On

  • Banking Institution

    In August, this firm was successful in a six figure settlement against a major banking institution. The case involved our client, a manufactured home builder against both a contractor and bank. Previously, the bank had issued a joint check by agreement of the parties to the home builder under the... Read On

  • Pet Retailer

    In September, we were successful in dismissing a lawsuit brought by an injured party against our client a national pet retailer. The suit involved an alleged dog bite to the plaintiff that the plaintiff contended was the responsibility of the retailer. The discovery in the case showed no evidence... Read On


    Katz Law Group represent the Plaintiff in this case, Data Pioneer, Inc. (“Data Pioneer”). Data Pioneer provides professional consulting services. This case stems from a subcontractor agreement between Boston Technology Corporation (“Boston Technology), the Defendant and Plaintiff in counterclaim, with Data Pioneer to furnish employees to perform various professional services as subcontractors.Data Pioneer filed suit against Boston Technology on or about April 27, 2012 for failure to make payments due to Data Pioneer in the amount of $18,400.00, fees for services provided by Data Pioneer on behalf of Boston Technology. Subsequently, Boston Technology filed and Answer and Counterclaim against Data Pioneer alleging that Data Pioneer breached the subcontractor agreement when an employee resigned from Data Pioneer to work as an employee for Alere in Ramsey, N.J.. Alere is a non-party entity and a client of CareerDevelopers also based out of N.J. CareerDevelopers was a client of Boston Technology. Read On

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