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We Protect Your Legal Interests

The Katz Law Group is a litigation boutique in Massachusetts with nearly 40 years of legal experience, representing businesses that have been both plaintiffs and defendants. The Katz Law Group is committed to achieving the right outcome for your legal matter, and we achieve that success through versatility, targeted expertise and exceptional value.

Plaintiff/Defendant Representation. As a litigation boutique, we have experience representing plaintiffs and defendants, which translates into a comprehensive, personalized legal representation; our versatility is your advantage.

Overall Value. We are committed to providing customized, exceptional legal services that are paralleled only by our commitment to provide these services at reasonable rates.

Competitive Rates. We provide litigation plans and budgets for each client according to the nature of the legal issues and anticipated workload. We provide alternative fee arrangements that suit the individual needs of both the client and the matter in each individual case.

We Provide Solutions

After learning more about your particular legal concerns, our team at the Katz Law Group will develop a legal strategy that incorporates creative and innovative approaches to the law to address your legal concerns.

Specific Experience. Trial attorney David Katz has nearly 40 years of experience in business litigation. He is a negotiator, mediator and trial lawyer who brings to the table a wealth of industry and real-world knowledge. He has represented corporations of all sizes, from the family-owned business to Fortune 500 companies. He has represented his clients both as plaintiffs and defendants. He has handled litigation matters across the spectrum of business law.

Specialized Knowledge. David Katz is the recipient of awards and recognition for his contributions to the law. He is a published author that keeps abreast of all new laws and cases that are applicable to his practice areas.

Personal Attention. The Katz Law Group is committed to its clients. We pursue and protect their legal interests with enthusiasm and energy. We get to know the clients, their businesses, their mission, goals, and values. We believe in accessibility and open communication. We are committed from the very start of a case through trial to protect your business's reputation, brand and legal interests, whether our representation is at trial, mediation or arbitration.

Our Mission

The Katz Law Group, P.C. is a boutique litigation firm that strives to achieve results that exceed expectations. Our commitment to our clients and the protection of their brands and legal interests is our sole focus.

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We focus on preventative counseling, objective advice and guiding our clients toward strategies for mitigating risk while efficiently and effectively conducting business. Please call us today.