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Business owners in the MetroWest area of Massachusetts can count on the legal services of the Katz Law Group, which is located in Westborough.

Business Attorneys for the MetroWest Area

MetroWest is the area in Massachusetts between Boston and Worcester. The term was coined in the 1980s by local media outlets. The precise boundaries of the MetroWest region are a little vague, with numerous definitions that include as few as nine or as many as 26 towns. All agree that the area includes the southern tip of Middlesex County. They disagree how far it stretches out into Norfolk County and Worcester County.

For example, the MetroWest Chamber of Commerce serves a core area that includes:

However, its services also expand into the following surrounding communities:

  • Maynard
  • Concord
  • Lincoln
  • Weston
  • Wellesley
  • Dover
  • Medfield
  • Millis
  • Holliston
  • Hopkinton
  • Westborough
  • Northborough
  • Berlin
  • Hudson
  • Stow

Meanwhile, the MetroWest Daily News states that it covers the following towns:

  • Ashland
  • Framingham
  • Holliston
  • Hopkinton
  • Hudson
  • Marlborough
  • Natick
  • Northborough
  • Shrewsbury
  • Southborough
  • Sudbury
  • Wayland
  • Westborough
  • Weston

While there are some discrepancies, the general theme is the same: MetroWest is the area between the cities of Boston and Worcester, and is centered towards the westward side of the wedge between I-95 and I-495.

The Katz Law Group: Practice Areas

The business lawyers at the Katz Law Group provide a wide range of legal services for companies, small businesses, and employees in the MetroWest area.

Business and Contract Law

Much of Katz Law Group's practice centers on business and contract law, where they help businesses and individuals with:

This includes issues related to commercial leasing and real estate. Both landlords and commercial tenants in the MetroWest use the Katz Law Group to handle:

Employment Law

The Katz Law Group also has a robust employment law practice that provides legal services to both employers and employees, helping them with:

Franchise Law

The Katz Law Group has also helped numerous franchisees start up and operate a franchise in the MetroWest area. Their legal advice and experienced guidance has brought countless franchisees through numerous sensitive issues in franchise law, including:

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