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Massachusetts Local Counsel for Out of State Businesses and Corporations

The Katz Law Group has served as local counsel to national and regional corporations for nearly 40 years. We have extensive experience representing corporations as local counsel providing proactive advice to them on all state and local matters. Working with a local law firm, such as the Katz Law Group, can save your company both time and money and provide your company with the knowledge that your matter is being handled in full compliance with Massachusetts law, rules of civil procedure and in accordance with specific local court rules.

Local Counsel in Massachusetts for All Your Business and Litigation Needs

The Katz Law Group is a litigation boutique that can represent your company in all business and litigation matters in Massachusetts, including:

Many companies have called upon the Katz Law Group to get immediate answers on local legal matters affecting their business interests. This includes everything from providing opinion letters on legal issues to handling all aspects of litigation.

Massachusetts Local Legal Counsel for Out-of-State Businesses

With our extensive litigation and transactional experience in Massachusetts, we can provide all areas of coverage for national and regional companies as local counsel, including:

  1. Advising on local rules and regulations as they affect the operation of national or regional businesses.     
  2. Working with risk management departments and in-house counsel in quickly responding to consumer protection letters.
  3. Conducting on-site accident and employment investigations for clients when necessary.
  4. Obtaining local expert witnesses to provide expert testimony and work on matters in advance of litigation.
  5. Responding to subpoenas.
  6. Hiring and retaining local counsel within our network in the contiguous New England states as well as around the country.
  7. Filing for mediation, arbitration, and other forms of alternative dispute resolution.
  8. Covering court appearances across Massachusetts.
  9. Conducting local depositions with the assistance of in-house personnel.
  10. Preparing and obtaining pro hac vice appearances for in-house counsel to work with our firm on local litigation matters.
  11. Working with regional or outside general counsel, credit managers, risk managers and other corporate management as local counsel on various litigation matters.
  12. Providing opinion letters to in-house counsel on an as-needed basis.
  13. Attending local administrative hearings for national and regional companies.
  14. Assisting out-of-state counsel with discovery requests and inspections and
  15. Enforcing out -of- state judgments.

Experienced Management of Outside Legal Counsel

With our prior experience of managing a national outside legal counsel services program for a national retailer for over 10 years, the Katz Law Group understands first-hand how to handle outside legal needs for corporations, including working with in-house staff, attorneys, and paralegals. As experienced local counsel, our firm regularly works hand-in-hand with a company's legal team to most efficiently manage cases and legal matters.

Challenges of Out-of-State Lawsuits

Increasingly, plaintiffs are filing lawsuits against a company in states where that company has little physical or online presence. Forcing a company to respond to every out-of-state complaint can be a tactic used by plaintiffs to force settlements or, in some instances, to attempt to obtain a default judgment. As a firm, we have seen this happen over and over again. Engaging experienced local business counsel, such as the Katz Law Group, can be the fastest and most efficient way to deal with these nuisance lawsuits and to protect your brand.

As local counsel, we also provide the research and discovery necessary for your company to challenge standing for an out-of-state lawsuit against your company. This can also help avoid unintentionally subjecting your company to a lawsuit that has no merit costing your company both valuable time and money.

Avoiding Ethical Violations and the Unauthorized Practice of Law

Just because your company has attorneys who are admitted to practice in Massachusetts does not necessarily mean that those attorneys are up-to-date with the specific rules of the local court system. Litigation tactics that may be business as usual in your company's home state may be otherwise inapplicable in Massachusetts. As Massachusetts counsel experienced in state and local laws and procedures, we advise out-of-state companies with up-to-date information as to local rules and regulations, court rules and the intricacies of the local court system.

Corporate counsel may seek to be admitted pro hac vice to practice in Massachusetts. However, certain unexpected actions taken before pro hac vice admission could later subject your attorney to sanctions for the unauthorized practice of law. Your local attorney should be able to conduct any necessary litigation on behalf of your company, if necessary, before your company's counsel is admitted.

With our assistance as local counsel, we can act quickly to seek pro hac vice admission of out of state legal counsel so as to avoid any unnecessary delays. Inexperienced local counsel often fails in their pro hac vice motion further delaying the ability of your company to defend itself. As experienced outside counsel, we know what it takes to make pro hac vice representation as efficient as possible.

To assist pro hac vice counsel, our law firm has experience in all courts in Massachusetts. This experience includes precise knowledge of all local court rules and an understanding as to how in-house counsel and our firm can best work together on matters taking into consideration the local dispute and the merits of any given case, as examples. We successfully have collaborated with pro hac vice counsel to form a team approach toward resolving legal matters. With this kind of team-oriented experience, the Katz Law Group provides the kind of solid and practical legal advice to assist outside admitted counsel during this transition.

Local Counsel Networks Across New England

For multi-state litigation and business transaction needs, we have experience in hiring and retaining local counsel within our network across the contiguous New England states, as well as across the United States. This includes attorneys experienced in providing local counsel to out-of-state businesses and corporations. Many times we are asked by our clients to assist in selecting specialized law firms to assist with their requests. In each case, the Katz Law Group will help your company find a law firm that best fits your precise needs and budget.

Immediate Assistance in Out-of-State Matters in Massachusetts

From our deep experience as local counsel to corporations and out-of-state businesses we understand the need for companies to obtain experienced local counsel on an urgent basis. Our firm stands ready to respond 24/7 to act on all legal matters to ensure that your businesses are fully covered in the event of an emergency. Contact the Katz Law Group today.

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