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Attorney Katz is a superhero

Attorney Katz saved the day when I was about to dive into a risky franchise deal. Here's why he's the best: He Checked Everything: Katz looked at every detail of the franchise offer. He found problems I would have missed. He Talked Clearly: Katz explained everything in a way I could understand. No confusing legal talk! He Stayed Fair: Even though I was excited about the franchise, Katz stayed fair. He told me the bad stuff, even if it meant saying no to the deal. He Offered Other Ideas: Katz didn't just say no. He gave me other ways to start my business that were safer. In short, Attorney Katz is a superhero for anyone dealing with franchises. He stopped me from making a big mistake and showed me a better way forward. If you need franchise help, go to Katz!

– Taymys Scannell

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