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What Do Employers Need to Do When Performing Background Checks?

A. Here is a list that every employer must do in conducting an employee background check.

1. The person doing the hiring must be sufficiently trained before accessing CORI. The employer must keep a list of trained individuals.

2. Response option-An applicant must be given an opportunity to dispute the record's accuracy and to explain why he or she should not be excluded from employment.

3. Keep the Applicant Informed-This goes back to having your employees properly trained. If an employer is going to use the CORI system as its basis not to hire a prospective employee, state law in most jurisdictions requires that the employer provides a copy of the record, identify that part of the record that served as the basis for disqualification from employment, provide a copy of the employer's CORI policy, and provide information on how to correct an inaccurate CORI report.

4. Always case by case-Generally, an employer cannot institute a blanket ban on hiring individuals with criminal records. The employer should conduct an individualized assessment of whether to hire an applicant.

5. Keep the CORI confidential-These records must be kept confidentially and only disseminated if and when absolutely necessary. Records must be stored separately from other employment files in a secure location. Any electronic files created in connection with CORI reports must be encrypted and password-protected at all times.

6. Interviews-If an employer is going to inquire verbally about an individual's CORI state law may restrict it to certain offenses. Make sure that you know the boundaries.

7. The notice-federal law requires that certain notices and disclosures be made if an employer uses a consumer reporting agency for the background check.

8. Get Authorization-You must get any and all prospective employees to provide authorization for an employer to get a CORI.

9. You may need a written policy- If you conduct at least five criminal background checks annually an employer must maintain a written CORI policy that meets the state's minimum requirements.

10. Don't Ask at the outset-When it comes to initially written employment applications, employers may not ask about criminal offender record information.

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