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Great Lawyer for Home Improvement Nightmare

I hired David Katz Esq. for a civil matter involving a home improvement contractor who represented himself as licensed and insured. The contractor's work had to be completely torn down and redone, costing three times what a project like mine should have cost. David was quick-acting in making sure that we preserved the evidence by bringing in a construction expert witness who documented, with photos, each stage of the deconstruction and rebuild. This proved critically useful a year later after selling my home when we filed formal civil charges in court. David was absolutely amazing and communicated via phone, text and email throughout the entire process. I was always in the loop on every email or correspondence that transpired between counsels. His attention to detail is impeccable. He is focused on winning with facts and does as much research as possible to gain all of the facts needed to present. Attorney David Katz is simply an outstanding lawyer and I'd hire him again! David, thank you for all of your hard work and dedication regarding my case. I greatly appreciate all your efforts.

– Dave Bailey

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