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Attorney David S Katz brings the honor of a handshake to the modern day.

Attorney David S. Katz has the experience with and the understanding of how the system should work in order to protect a company when customers do not satisfy their monetary obligations. As a business owner, having an attorney who protects your interests and swiftly brings a positive resolution to collection matters is immeasurable. 
During our first meeting, Attorney Katz stated, “I will” and he has every time. He brought his no-nonsense methods to each matter we sought counsel on while educating us on the processes and the proactive tools we now use to protect ourselves. Thanks to Attorney Katz our “Risk Team” approach has improved our cash flow and strengthened our exposure inherent to the construction and service industry. 
Previous legal consultations and attempts were flawed with “we will try”, “I will see” and “let's wait to hear”, Attorney Katz experience and knowledge supports his “I will get this done” approach, and he has instilled that philosophy into our contract documents and our business practices. With his support, we have improved our terms and conditions, customer credit checks and payment term structure by utilizing his “I will” attitude. We believe our new business model protects us and allows us to offer a better level of service to our customers when we all understand the expectations from the beginning. Attorney Katz brings the honor of a handshake to the modern-day. 
We recognize the need for solid contracts and aggressive counsel to be successful in the ever-changing business world. I highly recommend Attorney David S. Katz if you need representation or feel your business needs to make changes in order to protect your hard-earned assets.

– David

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